Select up to 5 flavors to blend your own juice right now. Choose from 65 flavors, varying nic levels and 4 bottle sizes; your recipe is hand-mixed by a Kurator and topped off with a custom label. Blend it, brand it, buy it now!

Ours are the best eliquids out there, pre-steeped and stored in glass for optimal flavor, made right here in America. Select from a variety of delicious flavors hand-selected for quality, taste and perks by our very own Kurators.

Traditional nighttime campfire treat, consisting of a fire-roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker.

A dozen years ago, the e-cig movement was bare, grass roots. We know, because we were there. Today vaping is a full-blown phenomena and deeply steeped lifestyle. We took our knowledge of the movement that WAS and flipped it into an experience that IS.

"KURE Corp. anticipated this outcome and we have been building our business the right way in anticipation of these events. The FDA regulations, such as ID verification and childproof safety caps have always been a standard business practice at KURE...

Our Vaporiums are atmospheric, lounge-like, hey there, take-a-seat environments. Highly-trained Kurators flavor your palate, guiding you through select vaporizer hardware, paired with millions of custom e-juice bar combinations. Yeah, we said millions.